IFSC opens up registrations for Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PLE) Course in São José

ESTUDE NO IFSC Data de Publicação: 20 nov 2023 15:06 Data de Atualização: 30 nov 2023 16:18

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Registration for the Portuguese as a Foreign Language Course (Português para Estrangeiros) at IFSC São José Campus is open until December 1st. The course is free of charge of any type and aims to develop students' communicative competence in Brazilian Portuguese, starting at A1 (Basic Language Users) to B1 (Independent Language Users) (CEFR, 2020). Registration must be done online.



-> Click here to Register for the Portuguese as Foreign Language Course (Português para Estrangeiros)

In order to enroll, people must have completed elementary education (or the equivalent to Brazilian “ensino fundamental”) and have a CPF or RNE number. The selection process is carried out through a a public draw, to be held on December 4th and broadcasted on the internet. There is a total of 30 seats available for the course.

Face-to-face classes take place at IFSC São José Campus (608, José Lino Kretzer St., Praia Comprida), starting on February 20th. Classes take place in the evening, and the total course takes two years (four semesters), always on Tuesdays from 7pm to 10pm. More information can be found in the selection process notice. If you have any questions, please contact the Academic Secretary (Secretaria Acadêmica) of IFSC São José Campus by email at secretaria.sje@ifsc.edu.br.

-> Access the selection process notice